Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group | Your source to traditional and distressed properties in MA & RI

Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group is an independently owned, licensed Real Estate company in the Sates of Massachusetts and Rhode Island with a centralized location in Fall River Massachusetts.  It is a Minority Woman Owned business with nine real estate professionals. 

Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group is affiliated with: 
National Association of Realtors (NAR),
Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR),
Greater Fall River Association of Realtors (GFAR)
Fall River Chamber of Commerce,
Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA),
Multiple Listing System (MLS),
RI Statewide Multiple Listing Services (RIMLS).

Our focus at Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group is to facilitate everyone achieving their dreams of owing an affordable home without stretching their means and resources. This is the only proven method to keep people homey for a longer period of time and preserve communities. Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group have a very positive attitude towards the business and very good reputation with others. We network with any and all associated offices in and out of area. We are in this business and plan to stay in it not only for a long time but also in the hearts of those who deal with us in the course of Real Estate Business.

Our Marketing Strategy is stronger due to adopting new and modern technology. Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group is a full member of MLSPin (in Massachusetts) and RIMLS (in Rhode Island). Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group utilizes all marketing resources from traditional magazine and newspaper advertisement in the area to state of the art web technologies including, Bing, Facebook, Realtor.com, RILiving.com, Trulia, Twitter, Yahoo, Zillow, and many other web real estate exposing engines. We also become the users of Mobile Marketing techniques through MLSPin in the area. Our new listings circulate through mobile networking amongst the Brokers.

Web exposure in any business is a necessity in today’s business environment. Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group uses web exposure to provide information not only on our internal listings but also any shared listings in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our next coming web site offers an exclusive link/section for HUD properties in the area. All listings updates from our site circulate to our clients on the daily bases.

Equal Share of Commission is another advantage of our business is treating everyone equal. Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group offers Equal Share of commission to all Selling Brokers which helps in faster sale of any transactions.

Local area networking is a back bone for any small business. Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group participates in local exhibitions and meeting. This is an outstanding way to learn about the area developmental activities and market trend. This also provides a way to share office listing activities with other area brokers. Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group also conducts broker open houses. Any brokers in the area could walk in to see the properties and get ideas to share it with their clients.

Proper Signage gives the best exposure to any property. This is the best way to attract neighbors, their friends and families to any area. Weichert, Realtors - SBA Group offers not only houses signage but also street signs to drive attention towards the office listings. All office listing comes with Toll Free number. This also gives an idea to our customer that we care for them.

Interested in buying or selling, contact one of our knowledgeable ASSOCIATES. We look forward to partner up in servicing your real estate needs.

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    As a Realtor, we observe the best code of ethics to protect the confidentiality of our clients and maximaze their profit in all our transactions