Contract Tips

You have your representation through your Realtor, it does not mean you should not consult and take a legal advice. It is always good to contact your attorney and accountant to obtain professional guidance. There are some other general tips you should look carefully in your contract before executing;

  • The closing date: This is the date when you handover keys to the new owner of your property. Make sure you are comfortable with this date and your personal property will be out 24 hours before this date.
  • Buyer financial stability: Quick Tip - The larger an Ernest money, showing the strength and seriousness of the buyers. Since it is forfeited if the buyer backs out, a large deposit is usually a good indication of a serious buyer.
  • Fixtures and personal property: Check the list of items that the buyer expects to remain with the property and be sure it's acceptable.
  • Repairs work and certifications: Determine conditions for repairs and certifications with reference to costs and whether you're willing to do the work or would rather lower the price by that amount.
  • Contingencies: See what other factors the buyer wants you to met before the contract is final. This include all inspections, selling a home, buyer share of money/down payment, obtaining a mortgage, review of the contract by an attorney. Set time limits on contingencies so that they won't drag on and keep your sale from becoming final.

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