Selling/Keeping Options

Expanding Options for Distressed Property Owners

A short sale is ideal for homeowners who are unable to pay their mortgage and do not want to go through foreclosure. Short selling a property is easier on your credit verses a foreclosure or bankruptcy declaration.

The buyer of the property is not the bank but a third party brought by a Realtor. All proceeds from the sale go to the lender. The lender either forgives the difference or gets a deficiency judgment against the borrower requiring him or her to pay the lender all or part of the difference between the sale price and the original value of the mortgage. In some states, this difference must legally be forgiven in a short sale.

 In order to do a short sale, you or your Realtor will need to locate a buyer. The buyer will need to pay the amount of money for the property that your lender will accept. A Short Sale can bring satisfaction to all three parties. The buyer buys the property at a discounted rate. The lender does not have to spend the time and money to foreclose and resale the home. The seller walks away without going into foreclosure or declaring bankruptcy.

The short sale deal can be a creative way to save your credit and avoid declaring bankruptcy. Be sure you talk to a knowledgeable Realtor in your area who can help you with the process. An honest, knowledgeable Realtor can provide a huge amount of relief for homeowners. Contact one of our Realtor To Learn More About THE SHORT SALE PROCESS. A lawyer as well as an accountant may also be needed to discuss any implications that may arise from short selling a property.

If you are facing any one of these real estate challenges?

  • Behind on mortgage payment
  • Your lenders are threatening of Foreclosure?
  • You faced a job loss
  • Family medical and emergency situation
  • Divorce
  • Need to settle an estate

We Have Solutions For YOU!

In today's declining real estate property owners are faced declining property values and little or no equity. Many are threatened with a mortgage they can no longer afford or a house that is impossible to sell. Too many are threatened with foreclosure. In 2010, 28,126 homes were scheduled for auction in Massachusetts alone.

We are a real estate solutions company that partners with property owners to solve these problems. Foreclosure is almost always preventable. Loan modification and short sales are two of the solutions that are available to owners. Because we specialize in both we, are able to help owners find the answer that works best for them. We have helped people, in every conceivable situation solve their real estate problems, protect their credit and get on with their life.

We Can Assist You To: 

  • Avoid owing more than your house is worth
  • Reduce/Eliminate mortgage debt
  • Avoid/Stop foreclosure
  • Keep/Sell your house

To learn more about selling your properties and getting FREE and NO OBLIGATION property value, contact one of our knowledgeable ASSOCIATES or email us at SELLINGINFO@SBAREALTY.US We look forward to partner up in servicing your real estate needs.

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